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Also known as alternating blinds, zebra shades are admired by both homeowners and businesses throughout Canada for their unique light filtering design and versatility. These shades resemble a zebra as they feature a series of horizontal stripes that alternate between sheer and solid materials.
With zebra shades, you have complete control of light and privacy. When the sheer strips overlap, light will flow in. To achieve darkness, simply overlap the solid strips. Since zebra shades are available in countless materials, colors, and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect options for your unique space.

Frequently asked questions about zebra shades

Zebra shades are a great choice for homeowners and businesses in Canada, especially those with tall ceilings or large windows. These two-layer shades give you complete control of the light and privacy in your space. Plus, they’re completely customizable to any color or window size.

When it comes to color and style, zebra shades are quite versatile. From muted neutrals to bold and bright hues, the options are truly endless. You’ll also be able to choose from a long list of textures and patterns.

Zebra shades are typically made of 100% polyester and natural fabrics, allowing for easy maintenance and maximum durability. Unlike traditional roller blinds, there are alternating sheer and blackout fabrics.

You can purchase zebra shades in standard or motorized form. If you go the motorized route, you’ll be able to control light and privacy with the flip of a switch or push of a button.

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