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For a stunning classic effect, line your windows with these elegant horizontal blinds. Customizing coverage depending on the stripes' position allows you to control light filtering to your desired level. Wooden shutters can be fully customized to your design palette with various materials and finishes. Sometimes referred to as Venetian blinds or Persian blinds, their adjustable vanes and structured appearance lend a continental touch to your Canadian home or business.

Frequently asked questions about wood shutters

Horizontal blinds came to Europe through the port of Venice, by way of trade with Persian merchants and the further East. Wood shutters were partly popularized by the French, who called them les persiennes. The use of such slatted blinds can be traced back to Egypt and China, using reeds and bamboo.

The solid slats on these window blinds are durable and simple to clean yourself. Simply dust lightly or wipe down. Whether you opt for narrow slats with a sleeker profile or wider slats for a robust feel, Shadings uses luxury-standard materials for the ultimate longevity in a window treatment.

The mechanism for rotating the slats is expertly concealed within the framework of your custom window covering by our installation specialists. Open your wood shutters intuitively with the cordless Shadings blinds control option that best suits your house, including motorization and remote control.

When closed, the framing of wooden shutters allows minimal gaps of light. They give a cozy, full-closure experience when seeking privacy. Faux wooden slats hold up to direct light and heat better over the years. Roller shades and polymer-based materials work best for high sun exposure.

Shadings offers a range of window treatments with a striped effect and ability to angle light through slats. Zebra blinds offer the slimness and convenience of a roller. Silhouette shades use soft fabric vanes between two sheer panels to strike a balance between drapery and blinds.

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