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Also known as cellular blinds, cellular shades, or honeycomb shades, these sleek indoor shades are the premium choice for a sustainable and modern window coverings solution. Their subtle texture adds a sophisticated design detail. As opposed to a standard roller shade with a flat panel, these window blinds use fabric sewn together in horizontal pleats to form distinctive honeycomb-shaped cells. This gives a superb insulation effect while letting in natural light to your preference.

Frequently asked questions about honeycomb blinds

This type of shade is made from a mix of spun lace and polyester, meaning your purchase will stay in fresh condition for years against UV protection, cleaning, and manual wear-and-tear resulting from general use. Polymer based materials hold up well against sun damage.

Yes! For routine maintenance, simply use a feather duster or vacuum lightly with a brush attachment. Light spot cleaning can be done with mild detergent, warm water, and a soft cloth. If you want to change up your window coverings or perform a deep clean, cellular blinds may be easily unfastened from the top frame.

Older buildings are often less energy efficient due to their construction and design. In Canadian winters, this can lead to significant heat loss in winter and overheating during summer, particularly with large windows. Their soft, tangle-free design also suits homes with children. Your Shadings experience includes a complimentary full-service consultation on design and installation.

Dangling strings and cords have been shown to pose risks to children and small animals. Window coverings are a simple way to upgrade your space. Beyond aesthetic and safety reasons, cordless mechanisms are intuitive and lightweight. Shadings' motorized choices and premium material sources allow you to design and raise your blind the way you like.

Look for window covering styles that boost insulation to save energy. Layer window treatments, such as topping a roller shade with curtains. Roman shades’ traditional soft-fold drapery kept dust and sun out of the windows of antiquity. Their continental look remains a popular choice today. Another classic style, wood shutters offer sturdy protection against the elements.

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