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Are you looking for a versatile window treatment that allows you to control light throughout any room in your home or business? If so, we have you covered. Whether you’d like a soft, natural glow to pass through your space during the day or total darkness at night, these shades are the ideal solution.
With dual roller shades, you’ll receive two shades built into one window treatment. These shades work well independently but are even more impressive when they’re used in conjunction with each other.
While the front shade is made of a sheer, solar light filtering fabric, the back shade is an opaque liner that can instantly darken any room.No matter what your lighting goals are, dual roller shades can help you meet them with ease.

Frequently asked questions about roller shades

With dual roller shades, you can cater to various needs. Whether you’d like to let natural light in or block or darken a room for privacy, they can work. They can give you the ambience you desire at any time of the day.

A dual roller shade system pairs two window coverings in one. While the outer layer is a light filtering shade made of UV resistant material, the inner layer is a light blocking, blackout shade that eliminates light and offers a completely dark effect. These shades are each rolled onto separate rods and mounted in a box known as the cassette valance or fascia.

Shadings is pleased to offer a variety of high quality fabrics to meet virtually any aesthetic and preference. Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll recommend a few options.

While you may operate your combination shades manually, shades with a motorized lift offer optimal convenience. With the simple touch of the button, you can control your blinds and ensure you have the ideal amount of light and sound at all times.

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