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As their name suggests, blackout roller shades block unwanted daylight from entering a room. Stop the morning sun from entering your bedroom, create the ideal darkness in your theater or photo studio, or ensure the perfect napping environment for your little one, these shades are a solid choice.
You can use them solo for a simple, minimalist look or pair them with drapery or other window treatments to take your decor to the next level. Not only do blackout roller shades allow for a dark, private environment, flooring, and other surfaces in your home or business. Plus, they’re stylish and energy-efficient.

Frequently asked questions about roller shades

Blackout roller shades can stop sunlight from flowing into a room and increase privacy at any time of the day or night. They’re made of a thick material that not only blocks the light but also helps absorb the loss of heat and cooling air inside your home or business.

Blackout roller shades do come with a motorized option. This is particularly convenient if you install them on hard to reach windows in media rooms, bedrooms, and other places. You won’t have to worry about the look or hassle of clumped cords.

SInce they block every spec of light, blackout roller shades allow for optimal energy efficiency. Not only do they lower your energy consumption, they also offer impressive privacy and light control.

An opaque roller shade has light gaps all around the sides and the bottom, blackout roller shades are designed to block out all light, making them an ideal choice for bedrooms. Unlike traditional roller shades, blackout shades have side channels which the shade is inserted into, and a special fabric on the bottom that blocks out all light. Blackout shades are a great choice for people who work the night shift or want to sleep during the day, as they will not be disturbed by any outside light. If you are looking for a window treatment that can provide complete privacy and darkness, then a blackout roller shade is the perfect choice.

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