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Also known as s-fold curtains, ripplefold curtains feature a consistent s-curve rippling across their entire track. Their waves or folds add a simple yet elegant look to any window in a home or commercial space.
Made from silky sheers or heavy drapes with a unique texture, these curtains can add softness to various rooms. If you’re going for a clean, contemporary look, ripplefold curtains Canada are certainly worth exploring.

Frequently asked questions about ripplefold curtains

While pinch pleat curtains are mounted to the wall, ripplefold curtains are mounted to the ceiling. For a traditional look, pinch pleats are a good choice. If you prefer something more modern, however, ripplefold is the way to go.

Each ripplefold curtain is custom made. We can create rails with curves, which are ideal for more complex curtain installations.

Quality curtains won’t change color in a few years as a result of the harsh UV rays. Therefore, you won’t need to replace them as often and will find that they hold up even better when they’re cleaned. In addition, quality curtains fall better and look fluid instead of stiff and blocky.

Yes! We are pleased to offer Somfy and Lutron motorization options, which come in wired or battery form.

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